"Blind Willie In Space" (2016) – Animated Short. Drawn & Recorded Spotify Series, Narrated by T Bone Burnett (Dir. Drew Christie)
"Prisoner Of War" (2016) – Short (Dir. Ashley Alexander)
“Tater Tot & Patton” (2016) – Feature Film (Dir. Andrew Kightlinger)
“AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno Talks Success” (2015) – Sponsored Web Video (Jagermeister) Feat. AWOLNATION (Woven Digital)                                                                                                                     “AI Uncontainable” (2015) – Live stream event with live music from local Austin bands (Digitas)
“The Pri$e of Fame” (2015) – Sponsored Web Video (Bud Light) Feat. G-Eazy (Woven Digital)
“One Song” (2015) – Sponsored Web Video (Miller Lite) Feat. Bleachers, Best Coast and Future (Woven Digital)
“Thank You From DD Perks” (2015) – Dunkin' Donuts Web Ad Campaign (Digitas)
“Born to Rap” (2015) – Sponsored Web Video (Jagermeister) Feat. Run The Jewels (Woven Digital)
“Dinosaur Rider” (2015) – Short (Dir. Ting Liu)
“Humpty” (2015) – Short (Dir. Clare Sackler)
The New York Times, T Magazine Japan (2015) – Web Video (Nobufilm)
Canon (2015) – Web Ad for Canon Connect Station (Nobufilm)
“Good Enough” (2015) – Feature Film (Dir. AnnaRose King)
“Fort Tilden” (2014) – Feature Film (Dir. Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers)

“Forever Faster” (2014) – Web Ad Campaign for Puma Feat. Usain Bolt and Oribe Paralta (Digitas)
UFC (2014) – Sponsored Web Video Feat. Joey Bada$$ (Woven Digital)
“Bad Turn Worse” (2014) – Feature Film Trailer
“Priceless Things” (2014) – Short (Dir. Sarah-Violet Bliss)
Major League Baseball/Bank of America Ad Campaign (2014) - Web Advertising Campaign (Digitas)
“She Lights Up Well” (2014) – Feature Film (Dir. Joyce Wu)
“9-Man” (2014) – Documentary Feature (Dir. Ursula Liang)
“The Shark: A Documentary” (2013) – Documentary Short (Dir. William McKeever)
“Twenty Five” (2013) – Web Series (Dir. Josh Duboff)
Lenovo Tablets (2013) – Web Advertising Campaign (Digitas)
“Black Girl In Paris” (2013) – Short (Dir. Kiandra Parks)
“Plan B” (2013) – Short (Dir. Sarah-Rose Meredith)
“Bastards of Young” (2013) – Feature Film (Dir. Josiah Signor, Prod. Academy Award Winner Ryan Silbert)                                                                                                                                                         “The 3 Bits” (2013) – Web Series (Dir. Max Freeman and Margaret Singer)
"The Corner Garden" (2012) – Documentary Short (Dir. Duygu Erucman)
“The Low Season” (2011) – Short (Dir. Gabrielle Demestere)
U-Sushi Ad Campaign (2011) – Web Advertising Campaign (Dir. Allison Keeley)
“One For The Road” Ad Campaign (2011) – Buick/Harman Kardon Web Advertising Campaign (Digitas) “Bike Love” (2010) – Short (Dir. Martine Charnow)                                                                                 “Cross Your Heart” (2010) – Short (Dir. Michael Wood)                                                                     “Saeng-Il (Birthday)” (2010) – Short (Dir. Jennifer Suhr)

Talent Booking and Relations – Video

Pepsi (2015) – Web video series feat. Logan Paul and Christian DelGrosso (Woven Digital)               Call Of Duty (2015) – Vine series at Comic Con feat. Ry Doon (Woven Digital)
Chaos Countdown (2015) – Web video series feat. Brodie Smith (Woven Digital)
Sinister 2 (2015) – Web video series feat. Cinefix (Woven Digital)

Talent Booking and Relations – Live Events

Woven Digital SXSW 2014, 2015 (including Future, Bleachers, Best Coast and more)
Bud Light, Whatever USA 2015 (G-Eazy)
BuzzChips Presents Showcases 2011-2014 (Various independent artists)
BuzzChips Presents CMJ Unofficial and Official Showcases 2012-2014 (Various independent artists)